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close up and far away – 1|22

2022 Revelations

No reference here to the impending declines in – civilisation, stable society, world peace, the mental state of the bewildered herd, no.
There is an age old saying that I kindly attribute to my Grandad ‘Where there’s muck, there’s brass.’ Reading with interest this morning in the local paper, the infamous NT News, that United NT Businesses (an oxymoron in itself) has bought a glut of ‘Rapid Antigen Tests’ and is selling them at elevated prices to people who follow their lead in swerving the necessity to vaccinate. Now that is shrewd. Even if it does undermine the line they have taken. I watched their video with interest. Was it purposely shot low-fi to add a frisson of sincerity or legitimacy? Maybe, but the underlying music bed, that propelled ‘The Exorcist’ Soundtrack into fluffy Disney territory, stuffed it up for them. That smacked of imposed fear and hysteria. However deluded you get, how strange and unusual the future appears to be, how grey your options are – like UNTB have shown, there are always options (moustache twirl-exit).